Destination Wedding Locations – The Caribbean Rules

destination wedding locations

When it comes to destination wedding locations, there are thousands of sites all over the world to choose from. You can choose from safaris, stunning beach locations, snowy landscapes, desert settings, and just about anything you can dream of. But for most people, especially those of us living in the colder climes, destination wedding locations usually include sunny beaches, swaying palms, clear blue waters, slush tropical forests, and secluded getaways. That is perhaps the most compelling reason why you can say that among the world’s best wedding destinations, Caribbean spots rule.

The Caribbean is a collection of sunny islands that stretch from the coast of Florida down to Venezuela – there are about seven thousand islands in the chain. Such a diverse group of islands offer plenty of white sandy beaches, bright turquoise waters, and truly breathtaking views ideal venues for wedding ceremonies. In these islands there are also large areas of lush tropical forest, usually just a short distance from wide swathes of gorgeous beachfront.

Of the many wedding destinations in the Caribbean, those in the Bahamas are most popular. This prosperous country is composed of 700 islands where tourism provides about 60% of the revenue, and provides jobs for about half of the working population. While all kinds of tourists come for vacations, a significant number come to have their dream weddings there. There are resorts that cater to almost every type of wedding and to suit most budgets. And for those who can afford it, resorts that cover entire islands can hold the grandest weddings and cater to hordes of guests. In addition to its natural beauty, couples are attracted to abundant fresh seafood, tropical fruit and the chance to experience interesting local culture.

Resorts all over the islands offer customized wedding packages. Beach, indoor, chapel and garden weddings are commonplace. But hotels and resorts also cater to rather unusual special requests such as local themed weddings, underwater weddings, and in truly secluded locations. The official government tourism website ( has loads of information on wedding packages, including registration requirements.

Other notable wedding destinations in the Caribbean include:

  1. Turks & Caicos Islands:A British Protectorate with 40 islands and cays this country is sunny all year round. Its main attractions are sun, sand and sea with vast stretches of deserted beaches and colorful coral reefs. Resorts host weddings all the time.

  2. Barbados: Though the world knows this country as the birthplace of rum, it also has dramatic rocky cliffs, gently sloping beaches, lush forests, and clear blue waters. Many couples prefer to have their weddings in the friendly and laid back atmosphere of the Barbados.

  3. Jamaica: Other than the clean sunny beaches and lush tropical forests, offers vibrant nightlife and lots of historical sites. However, it is still the resorts and hotels at secluded locations which are popular with those intending to wed.

  4. St. Lucia has a lot of great wedding venues. The mild tropical climate, sunny skies, clear blue waters, lush gardens, and dense forests provide are perfect for wedding ceremonies.

As a destination for couples ready to take the plunge, nothing beats these Caribbean locations.

Puerto Escondido Rentals Offer Great Deals

puerto escondido oaxaca real estate

There are many people looking for vacation accommodations who would not even look at vacation rentals as an option.  Somehow they have acquired a misconception that says vacation rentals are beyond their means, that they are much more expensive than comparable hotel rates.  But actually, the reverse may be true.  There are a lot of good deals that Puerto Escondido rentals can offer that most hotels cannot match.


Let us take room rates for example.  Hotels usually operate numerous rooms, and have a lot of maintenance and service staff on their payroll.  These make the operating expenses of these hotels can be huge.  And who do you think pays for all those staff salaries? It is ultimately the client who has to pay room rates which incorporate all that expense.  On the other hand, most Puerto Escondido vacation rental properties are owned by numerous individuals who ask a professional real estate management company to rent them out.  The service requirements on these properties are much less and easily scheduled, so they cost less.  Just how low can the rates go?  There is a single bedroom duplex property on offer, which has a kitchen, all furniture, its own small yard and sleeps four.  The rent is just $40 per night.  Divide that by four occupants and each person ends up paying just $10 a night.  No hotel can match that.


Vacation rentals can now be booked by the day, by the week or by the month.  No longer do they ask for a minimum number of days stay, except during peak seasons or as part of promotional offers.  As for maintenance of the units, they compare favorably with hotels.  The level of maintenance and service provided at vacation rentals are a reflection of the professionalism of the real estate managers and the more professional ones provide much better maintenance and service than what you can expect from the average hotel.  The website of the Mexico Tourism Board has some very useful information for tourists.


For vacationers who want the service and comfort levels available at hotels, there are Puerto Escondido real estate rentals handled by professional management companies who can offer almost any service for additional cost.  You can ask for maid service, ask for linen changes as frequently as you want, ask for a cook, massage on-site, and many others.  You don’t have to slave to keep your home clean, get dinner at the table, or clean up after meals so long as you can afford the extra charges.


You are not left stranded after you book or check-in to Puerto Escondido Oaxaca real estate rentals.  Property managers ensure your security and most provide a 24-hour hotline you can reach for emergencies, or when something does not work.  The person manning the hotline usually also provides a lot of other useful information such as interesting sites, transport schedules, guided tours and many others.


The best thing about staying in a vacation rental is that you can choose (and pay for) only the services that you need, and also the privacy of having your own yard or pool if you so desire.  And the prices are at least a bit lower than what hotels normally charge.

Yacht charter Caribbean is a good way to spend your honeymoon on Blue Velvet Waters

Yacht charter Caribbean

Honeymoon is treasured trip for all. It is once-in-life experience in most cases. So you take a lot of care when you plan your honeymoon. Besides enjoying the intimate company of each other, you also look for a locale that will be serene, breathtaking and luxurious. A luxury yacht charter Caribbean could offer you all-inclusive Caribbean honeymoon vacation. It will have all the ingredients you want for a special Caribbean retreat for just the two of you like candlelight dinners under the sky, relaxing in a deserted bay, walking barefoot in the sand, a private cook to make all of your meals, a skipper to take you wherever you want to go. If you want exclusive privacy on the charter then you can do away with a skipper and man your bareboat yourself. But in that case you should be a skilled sailor. You can also cook your meals. These will also trim your budget to a great extent.

All you have to do to enjoy a special time in the Caribbean is to browse for provider of yacht charter Caribbean. Look at the various packages by different companies and go for one that will best suit your budget. In most cases the charges will include meals, beverages and watersports.  The yachts by well-known providers will have snorkel gear, kayak, scuba gears, light fishing gear waterskis, tubes, stand-up paddleboards, floats, noodles and various other tools to make your cruising experience memorable.

Charter Yacht with a flotilla for Safe Yachting

charter yacht

Holidaying on a yacht is very popular among people these days. If you do not have a yacht of your own, you can lease a caribbean charter yacht and enjoy yachting. If you have many guests joining you for the holiday season then chartering with a flotilla is a good option. In flotilla a group of yachts is ordered to cruise around together according to a pre-set itinerary. The guests will have a great time enjoying in each other’s company and learning to sail from the crews in the lead yacht. Flotillas are better in terms of safety if you are new to yachting. Some people feel that they are a little low on independence and freedom. But these days many flotillas allow the flexibility of moving according to own individual itinerary. The flotilla charter has a lead boat. This boat has a skipper, hostess and mechanic aboard. These professionals will make sure that your cruising experience remains safe and enjoyable. They will do all the needful, if anything goes wrong with your yacht. In the company of such people to take care of everything about the yacht, your mind will remain relaxed.

A flotilla on an average comprises of between six to twelve boats and. It might cost a bit more than the normal bareboat charter fee. They are ideal for Mediterranean and the Caribbean holidays. Being high on demand, they are coming up in all parts of the world. If you want to holiday in a flotilla charter yacht, get in touch with a company providing it in your preferred location.